Information Assurance

Information travels fast in cyber space and must be protected. Secure network solutions are important to keep private information private. Any agency that has had its information compromised will admit there are serious consequences for computer security lapses such as identity theft, altered records and even financial losses.

Apprio understands the challenges faced with safeguarding and maintaining privacy and security of an agency’s information assets and minimizing its risks. Apprio’s security professionals deliver critical infrastructure protection programs based on industry best practices and the specific compliance requirements, federal laws, OMB memoranda and other mandates. We can provide you with the ability to confidently manage, monitor and improve your risk position 24/7.

security services

Apprio services help government agencies maintain enterprise accountability in cybersecurity.

Apprio’s offerings include:

  • Regulatory compliance and information assurance
  • Security risk assessment
  • IT security tools and support
  • Cybersecurity engineering and architecture design
  • Cybersecurity operations management and continuous monitoring
    • Incident response
    • ­Security Operations Center (SOC) alert management
  • Cybersecurity policy
  • Operational procedure development and program support