Financial Management

Public and private sector organizations repeatedly turn to Apprio for our innovative financial management capabilities that are grounded in real-world experience and that demonstrate the ability to deliver results. Our team uses cutting-edge tools and methods in our analyses to help clients craft practical solutions to complex issues.

Our interdisciplinary teams of financial specialists, business analysts, policy analysts and subject matter experts provide the following services:

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Apprio conducts cost-benefit analyses for clients in many domains. We excel at quantifying benefits and costs, including those not readily expressed in monetary terms.
  • Economic Impact Modeling: Apprio helps organizations estimate the economic impacts of policies and programs.
  • Economic Development and Competitiveness Strategies: Apprio helps organizations analyze their competitive positions in a given industry or industry cluster, develop strategies to attract growth and formulate comprehensive economic development plans.
  • Risk and Uncertainty Analysis: Apprio helps clients estimate the effects of uncertainty and risk on business and policy options.
  • Financial Analysis: Apprio evaluates financial trends and models future financial performance of individual firms by looking at cash flows, financial ratios, size measures and business risks. We design financial tests to evaluate the fiscal health of businesses, government agencies, hospitals and universities.
  • Market Profiling: Apprio profiles market sectors by analyzing detailed information on industry structure (such as number and size of firms and regional coverage), markets and competition, labor force, financial performance, regulatory environment and technological trends.