Apprio Builds Event Management System for Chesapeake Health Education Program

New Portal Allows Clients to Register for Conferences and Learning Programs

Washington D.C., January 12, 2012 – Apprio, a leading provider of specialized technology solutions, particularly for the health, defense and homeland security markets, today announced it has built an event management system (EMS) for the Chesapeake Health Education Program (CHEP).

CHEP is a non-profit corporation that provides accredited continuing education and support services for health care professionals across the United States. Their goal is to partner with federal and local governments as well as community organizations interested in health care continuing education. In addition to accredited education programs, CHEP holds national conferences across the country and forms partnerships with local community groups for specialized educational events.

The new EMS allows CHEP to automate all of their conference and event sign-ups into one application. It includes a new Public Event Portal (PEP) where health care professionals can review events as well as register and pay for conferences and learning programs. In addition, the new system records multiple training events so attendees can easily track their continuing education credits.

“We are pleased to build CHEP’s IT infrastructure to help them educate and train health care professionals across the nation,” said Darryl Britt, CEO and President of Apprio. “The new EMS includes increased functionality and allows them to integrate all their event sign-up functions into one single application.”

“Apprio has designed an extremely versatile system that will enable us to offer better client services on both large and small scale events,” said Gerard Kelly, CEO of CHEP. “The system gives us the ability to customize the data management needs of our clients which in turn will reduce their costs when conducting an educational event”


About Apprio

Apprio is a provider of specialized technology solutions, particularly for the Health, Defense and Homeland Security markets. We provide innovative IT and program services in Healthcare IT, Emergency Response Management and Financial Management. Apprio delivers the methodologies, discipline, and thought-leadership provided by the large integrators, with the cost structure and collaboration offered by smaller firms.

Apprio built and currently supports the Federal Government’s Disaster Medical Information Suite (DMIS), an EHR & Situational Awareness solution used to manage medical care during federal disasters and designated national security events such as the Gulf Oil Spill, Haiti Earthquake and Hurricane Ike.


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