Apprio Awarded $4M Federal Health Architecture Program Management Contract

Apprio to Lead PMO Team for E-Gov Initiative Managed by ONC

Washington, D.C., Nov. 3, 2014 – Apprio, a leading provider of specialized technology solutions, particularly for the health, defense and homeland security markets, today announced it received the Federal Health Architecture (FHA) Program Management contract. FHA is an e-gov initiative managed by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) that is focused on creating alignment among the health IT initiatives at various federal agencies with a health IT mission.

The new contract builds upon Apprio’s existing work with ONC. Under the FHA award, Apprio will help FHA plan and execute the variety of activities necessary for operating a successful e-gov initiative. FHA is responsible for working with 20+ federal agencies, helping them coordinate and collaborate on health IT projects that are best accomplished through the agencies’ working together. This level of collaboration requires a combination of strong program management skills, technical acumen, financial planning and constant communication.

“Apprio has been working with FHA for many years, collaborating with the program from the outside through our work with federal agencies that participate in FHA,” said Darryl Britt, president of Apprio. “It’s quite an opportunity now to be able to assist FHA from within the program. We have the opportunity to help FHA manage the complex tasks of engaging a wide variety of federal agencies, getting them to work together on joint projects and ensuring that the emerging federal health IT initiatives align with ONC’s vision for the nation at large.”

The Apprio team includes multiple ONC incumbents, including Spire Communications, IRIS Partners and Accenture Federal Services.

About Apprio
Apprio is a provider of specialized technology solutions, particularly for the health, defense and homeland security markets. The company provides innovative IT and program services in healthcare IT, emergency response management and financial management. Apprio delivers the methodologies, discipline and thought-leadership provided by the large integrators, with the cost structure and collaboration offered by smaller firms.

Apprio built the federal government’s Disaster Medical Information Suite (DMIS), an electronic health record (EHR) and situational awareness solution used to manage medical care during federal disasters and designated national security events such as the Gulf Oil Spill, Haiti Earthquake and Hurricane Katrina. For more information, visit

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