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The Ice Bucket Challenge: The Apprio Edition

It isn’t every day that the president and founder of Apprio is drenched in cold water with business attire on. But it happened, willingly, to Apprio President Darryl Britt who participated in an “Ice Bucket” challenge with other Washington, DC-area SBA emerging leaders.

The Washington, DC, business leaders group challenged other SBA emerging leaders programs nationwide to the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge,” in which participants get drenched with a bucket full of ice water—and in some cases ice too—or donate to ALS. Most participants do both to raise awareness and donations for ALS, which is a disease of the parts of the nervous system that control voluntary muscle movement, according to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Not only did Apprio’s president endure the cold water, he also donated to the ALS charity.