Customer Success: ApprioHealth delivers outstanding results utilizing RPA

ApprioHealth assists hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers deal with the growing complexity of manual processes within the revenue cycle which often create inefficiencies and elongate the claim payment process. One of ApprioHealth’s specialties is facilitating medical insurance claim payment, including Medicaid enrollment, to accelerate and maximize reimbursements for customers.

ApprioHealth was an early adopter of technology to facilitate the reduction and removal of repetitive and mundane tasks associated with healthcare eligibility and claim submission. Its team started using robotic process automation (RPA) almost 10 years ago to execute automated processes for Medicaid applications and insurance reimbursement. When ApprioHealth started, the use of APIs was still immature, and the company was querying the same websites and portals repeatedly to gather information and for status updates. Rather than requiring employees to monitor the status of applications one by one, ApprioHealth used RPA to automate the process. As technology and claims processes change over time, it became challenging to maintain the original automated processes. ApprioHealth then turned to UiPath and AI Computer Vision to update its tools.

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