Apprio President: ‘We All Have Part in Making Healthcare Better.’

Carnegie Mellon University Conference on Healthcare Bridges Industry and Technology

Darryl Britt, Apprio president, Donny Zamora, ApprioHealth president, and Rodney Napier, ApprioHealth chief development officer, participate in Intersect@CMU event.

September 2019 – Apprio Inc.’s founder and president, Darryl Britt, had the privilege of addressing participants at the Intersect@CMU on healthcare event where industry and technology interests came together to share ideas for quality healthcare.

Britt also had the honor of introducing Michael McQuade, Carnegie Mellon University’s vice president for research, at the CMU event.

In his introductory remarks, Britt said, “This 2019 Intersect@CMU conference is bringing together many organizations and individuals that will shape the future of this nation’s healthcare…Apprio is just one company in a collage of talented, dedicated organizations focused on tackling the challenges remaining in healthcare.”

The event drew a large attendance of healthcare and technology experts and highlighted important topics while providing a forum for open dialog. Panels discussed how artificial intelligence can impact the development, delivery and experience of healthcare; what the future of medicine will look like and how science and the arts will help shape it; and the costs, pricing and policy design of wellness and healthcare.

“Impactful change demands learning and collaboration. Healthcare is no exception, and the Intersect@CMU event proved to be a valuable meeting place for leaders across the industry to collaborate and discuss a viable way forward to modernize healthcare solutions for government and private sector organizations,” Britt said.