Apprio Pacers Step Out to Stop Diabetes in Its Tracks

September 2018 – The Apprio “Pacers” participated in the Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes on Sept. 22, supporting the 30 million Americans who currently struggle daily with the disease. Apprio also donated to the cause, cutting a check to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to help it accomplish its goal to provide community-based education programs, protect the rights of people with diabetes and fund critical research for a cure.

The Apprio Pacers began the journey to change the future and make a positive impact in the lives of those who are affected by diabetes, and they’re making a difference one step at a time. “We committed to participate together and raise money through this inspirational event not just because millions of people in the United States have diabetes, but because we personally know some of them,” said Darryl Britt, Apprio president. “It’s a fun way to get our employees together to support this important cause.”

Today alone more than 4,100 people will be diagnosed with diabetes, according to the ADA, and more than 30 million adults and children in the United States are living with this disease. Through their active participation, the Apprio Pacers are helping to spread awareness of the devastating effects of diabetes, fund research and promote access to community programs and free resources that help those living with diabetes to live well.