Strategy and Operations

Apprio brings world-class management and a talented group of international development professionals to help empower organizations. We help development agencies create and manage their program strategies while also supplying full operational support for executing the strategy.

We can provide highly experience staffed able to support program leadership in understanding the agency’s priorities. We can deliver administration support, logistics and technical expertise through our subject matter experts.

The Apprio team understands that international development requires a nimble organization able to adapt to changing circumstances and political influences, and we can deliver a team capable of meeting the challenges presented by this demanding environment.

Support to USAID’s U.S. Global Development Lab
Apprio provides a wide range of specialized staffing support to assist the U.S. Global Development Lab in dealing with the U.S. government’s development and foreign policy priorities. Apprio has partnered with agencies such as USAID to advance Science, Technology, Innovation and Partnership (STIP), and the company conducts rigorous, evidence-based analysis to determine whether STIP approaches and interventions are delivering development impact more quickly, cost-effectively, sustainably, at greater scale and are reaching more beneficiaries.

Creating a Medical Response Strategy in Syria
Apprio partnered with subject matter experts from Partners In Health, MDB, Inc., Cocciardi & Assocs. and the International Medical Corps (IMC) in a pilot project for USAID to deliver comprehensive chemical casualty decontamination and medical management training and equipment to Syrian medical providers. The intent was to provide primary protection of mobile healthcare facilities within Syria from chemical warfare agents. The innovative program, designed to deliver a sustainable “Training-of-Trainers” (TOT) program, developed curriculum in English and Arabic, and supplied training equipment which was delivered in didactic and field training sites.