Training, Drills and Exercises

Though there’s no way to stop 100% of emergency situations, there is a way to be 100% prepared: by committing to a comprehensive training plan that ensures your organization, staff and partners know how to handle a broad range of emergency situations.

Apprio staff members have led and participated in national level responses for a broad range of natural and man-made emergencies, and this real-world experience benefits our clients.

Apprio provides government and commercial organizations with significant advantages in meeting their planning, training and operational requirements. We apply our real-world subject matter expertise and technology to create training for our customers to improve capabilities, identify gaps, clarify roles and responsibilities, foster coordination and teamwork, and develop individual performance.

Building Effective Training, Drill and Exercise Programs

We have carefully selected our team based on their deep domain knowledge of emergency response; experience instructing emergency managers/responders, and geographic locations. Our experience in the emergency response community has allowed us to build a network of emergency response trainers across the country that we can use for resident and non-resident training. All of our instructors go through a rigorous vetting process and will meet the necessary instructor requirements. The depth of our team will allow us to work on multiple course delivery plans concurrently and allocate staff appropriately while maintaining our high-quality standards.

Apprio staff members are trained according to national guidance and principles outlined by the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) with individual certifications such as the FEMA Master Exercise Practitioner Program (MEPP) and Master Trainer Program (MTP).

Apprio will partner with you to evaluate the types of training needed and create a comprehensive drill and exercise solution tailored to your needs. Apprio knows the importance of interagency communications and the critical involvement of experts from respected their fields. We have the experience with developing budgets, managing travel and coordinating logistical support. This also includes supporting the development and tracking of reports, lessoned learned and after actions with the ability to provide analytical analysis.

In Person or Online

Emergency management training has changed significantly over the last 25 years. With the advent of the Internet, distance learning has come to dominate many aspects of emergency management training, especially the delivery of basic courses. Apprio can provide the staffing, expertise and technology to deliver training onsite or online, depending upon your organization’s needs.

Apprio provides staff experienced with development, application and maintenance of learning management systems (LMS) for web-based interfaces. LMS provides more choices, such as methods of delivery, design of materials and techniques for evaluation. Our staff is well versed and has demonstrated experience working with the LMS systems for many clients.

Demonstrated Success in Training, Drills and Exercises

Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Apprio Supported FEMA’s National Exercise Division

Apprio supports FEMA’s National Exercise Division (NED) at the local, state and federal levels. Apprio provides project management and overall program support to ensure the seamless execution of national preparedness exercises. Apprio coordinates with the other vendors in the NED service line model – Exercise Coordination, Administration & Logistics, Exercise Design & Control, Modeling & Simulation, SME Resources, Evaluation, Program Management, Communications, IT Planning & Requirements and Doctrine.

Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Supporting the FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness Training

Apprio supports FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP’s) training for preparedness, protection and response. Apprio has a 73-person team that supports all aspects of the CDP’s training programs, from student enrollment to course material creation and IT support.

Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Supporting the FEMA Office of Response and Recovery

Apprio provided support to the Exercise Unit of the Office of Training, Exercise and Doctrine (TED) in the Office of the Assistant Administrator for the Response Directorate at FEMA, including development of TED-Exercise Unit Program Management and guidance, stakeholder management, FEMA Lead Exercises, Thunderbolt Exercise Series, Program Management Support, Tier I & II Exercise Support—including National Level Exercise Support, and support for evaluations and lessons learned for all exercises.

Department of Health & Human Services Seal
U.S Department of Health and Human Services
National Disaster Medical System
Supporting the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Apprio supported the readiness exercises for the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) in Operation Radiant Shield. This included four HHS Office of Preparedness and Emergency Operations full-scale exercises and successfully partnering with the U.S. Public Health Service, the HHS Secretary’s Operation Center, the HHS/ASPR Fusion Cell and FEMA’s National Emergency Training Center.

National Guard Bureau Seal
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Army
Apprio Supports the National Guard Bureau

Apprio provided training, application support and data analysis on the Army Recruiting Information Support System (ARISS) to ARNG Recruiting and Retention staff in all 54 states and territories. We provide the ASB-TDS Training Services that gives the Army National Guard (ARNG) with training, application support and data analysis services utilizing the Army Recruiting Information Support System (ARISS), which is the Army’s electronic personnel recruiting system.

Apprio assisted with the Resident/Mobile Events Training with creating monthly, quarterly and yearly resident and mobile training schedules based on the training needs and requirements of the 54 states, territories and the National Guard Bureau and the data analysis conducted by the Accessions Branch. This includes the creation and implementation of customized training projects for placement into virtual training software and training libraries.