Program Management

Strong program management is essential for maintaining an effective emergency response team. It requires a deep commitment to all of the many details that will ultimately help your organization respond to and overcome crises when they arise. Apprio can help you to build an effective program management office for your homeland security or emergency response program.

Not only do we have highly qualified and certified program managers, we have decades of experience working in the emergency management domain. We have the right combination of program administration skills and emergency management leadership to help you build an organization fine-tuned to handle virtually any type of emergency scenario. Apprio can help with all aspects of your program management needs, including:

  • Governance: Apprio can help you to create effective governance for your emergency operations center and for your emergency response programs. Governance helps define roles and responsibilities for response, and it establishes the authority of the emergency program to impact other departments throughout the organization.
  • Management: Apprio helps emergency response centers plan and administer the many facets of the program, including training, staffing, financing and policy.
  • Financial Management: Apprio can help you to determine the costs of building and maintaining an effective emergency response function. We can provide the financial expertise to ensure programs are managed within their budgets and that the available funds are leveraged for activities that will have the most impact.
  • Infrastructure: Apprio can help your program determine what infrastructure must be in place to effectively operate. This infrastructure can include technology, tools, physical locations, etc.
  • Planning: Apprio can help you to plan for the ways your emergency response needs may evolve overtime. We can help you map a strategy to meet your current and future response goals.

Apprio can also provide program support with augmenting staff, government compliant technical writing and editing, social media analytics and assistance with audits and assessments.

Demonstrated Success
Program Management Support

Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Apprio Supports FEMA’s Office of Response and Recovery

Apprio currently provides a wide range of professional support services for FEMA’s Response and Recovery Directorate. This support includes training, doctrine development, technical editing and formatting, working group management and subject matter expertise. Utilizing our extensive knowledge of FEMA and response operations, Apprio developed the numerous Response Policy Doctrine deliverables. Apprio provides logistical support, administration and facilitation to expert working groups and doctrine conferences.

Apprio provides logistical support, administrative and facilitation support for many doctrine conferences and expert working groups. Our team reserves space for conferences and meetings, organized and deconflicted the agenda, prepared background material, produced notebooks and supporting documents, and coordinated the logistical arrangements for meeting attendees.

Apprio supports the FEMA Readiness Assessment Program (F-RAP) with technical editing, analytical support services, development and production of F-RAP reports, and the formatting and editing of Response Doctrine documents. We develop standardized templates, conduct an annual revision of documents and ensure all documents meet requirements. Apprio provides administrative assistance to the Business Management Division in the execution of its mission to ensure correspondence is prepared, tracked, routed and executed to meet the mission of the branch. We provide assistance in analyzing, interpreting and implementing, as necessary, legislation or guidance material such as the Code of Federal Regulations, Office of Personnel Management Guidance, and Agency/Organizational directives as they relate to human resources management.

U.S. Department of Defense
National Guard Bureau
Apprio Supports the National Guard Bureau

Apprio provides services for the NGB ARNG Strategic Plans and Policy Division that includes performance improvement recommendations, organizational development assessments, and professional, administrative and technical services in support of the Director ARNG Initiatives and assigned missions. Apprio provided subject matter expertise to the ARNG Directorate in the staff analysis, development, coordination and implementation of key policies, plans, processes and transformation efforts.

We review Geographical Combatant Command, Army Service Component Command, Army Component Operations Plans, Contingency Plans, manpower concept plans and similar documents for consistency with, and incorporation of, ARNG strategic plan and objectives for ARNG future transformation and utilization. Apprio developed and coordinated ARNG strategic plans and policies in support of the National Military Strategy, National Guard Strategy and the Army Strategic Planning guidance.

Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Apprio Supports FEMA’s Office of the Chief Component Human Capital Officer (OCCHCO)

Apprio provided programmatic support and expertise to FEMA’s Office of the Chief Component Human Capital Officer (OCCHCO). Our team supported the classification of FEMA positions as well as refining OCCHCO’s public facing website to attract potential candidates to join FEMA. Our experienced human resource staff conducted assessments of current FEMA office position classifications and provided findings to the OCCHCO. We also assisted OCCHCO in the organization of the position descriptions so OCCHCO staff could quickly reference them.

Though there were many accomplishments for this project, one of the most exciting was our redesign of the OCCHCO Moodle-based website. Our expert team specializes in strategic communications and graphic design was able to provide OCCHCO with a new look and feel that will help attract new candidates to FEMA. Another major accomplishment was our work on refining the content of the FEMA Careers site. After our team revised the content on this site as well as the look and feel, it has become the third most popular site on Prior to our revisions, the site was not ranked.

Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Apprio Supports FEMA’s Response Directorate

Apprio provided position description (PD) development to the Response Directorate and was specifically asked by the Office of Response and Recovery and the Logistics Directorate to provide PD development services when both organizations were initially established. The Logistics Directorate was provided this service to initially establish all of its senior- and mid-level management positions. This necessitated the documentation and description of missions and functional responsibilities that required an in-depth job analysis. Responsibilities included researching and interpreting OPM guidance and determining how policy issues should be addressed. Apprio has a long-standing working relationship with FEMA that has provided a comprehensive understanding of the Response, Logistics and the Office of Response and Recovery missions, functions and positions as well as an excellent understanding of the Reservists and special teams such as the Incident Management Assistance Teams (IMAT). We have worked with management during their reorganizations to develop senior management and employee PDs that align with management and agency senior leadership’s vision.

Apprio met with subject matter experts and senior-level FEMA management to provide position management advice and development of fully documented PDs through the GS-15 grade level as well as the Senior Executive Service (SES). The PD development included the necessary non-supervisory and supervisory factors to support the classification of the position at a level determined to be appropriate to carry out management’s desired duties and functions of the positions. On occasion, we were asked to prepare classification evaluation statements submitted along with the directorate’s packages. We have provided a position description overview to the Response Directorate human resource liaisons and Executive Officers regarding how to solicit and document the appropriate information from management officials in the creation of PDs.