Plan and Policy Development

Effective emergency management is achieved through careful planning. Assuming your organization can respond to a situation ad hoc is an assumption fraught with peril. To protect your organization and your people, it is critical to develop and test an emergency management plan that is highly tailored to your specific business model, location and risks.

Apprio’s emergency management specialists can provide the professional support required to collaborate with federal staff, provide technical assistance and a rigorous quality process. For plan and policy development, Apprio conducts the necessary research and analysis, utilizes workgroups with comment adjudication before finalizing document specifications.


Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Apprio Supports FEMA’s Office of Response and Recovery

Apprio provided programmatic support and expertise to FEMA’s Response Directorate. We provided support within the guidelines of the Keystone Response Operations Doctrine that supports the notion that all response functions within FEMA at the incident, regional and national level support incidents for a threat or actual incident. We developed a training and doctrine policy for disaster operations directorate that provides a policy and doctrine foundation across all 10 FEMA regions.

Apprio also supported the development and implementation of FEMA Qualification System (FQS). We provided process alignments, categorization of job positions and training to FEMA’s incident responders to ensure the proper functional alignment to support the Response Directorate’s mission. Additionally, Apprio provided overall doctrine policy support services for the FEMA Response Directorate, including the Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Program.

Apprio provided overall programmatic support in the area of policy for the Incident Management Assistance Teams, Office of the Assistant Administrator of Response and the Office of Assistant Administrator of Recovery, under the Office of the Chief Component Human Capital Officer (OCCHCO). Specific responsibilities include developing and reviewing policy and related documentation, collecting and analyzing information that contributes to results and findings of reports, controlling technical information, attending meetings, and building and coordinating project schedules.