Assessment and Readiness Support

Apprio emergency management experts can help your organization determine how ready it is to deal with a broad range of emergency scenarios. We can help your organization to evaluate your emergency response plan for its effectiveness, or create a response plan if you do not yet have one. We can determine the awareness levels of your staff regarding their responsibilities in case of an emergency.

The Apprio team will walk you through a comprehensive review to help you to determine your readiness posture, and we can also supplement your current response team to ensure you have all the skills necessary so if disaster strikes, you are ready.

During the review, Apprio will help you to determine your readiness to:

  • Conduct initial situation evaluation and continual reassessments
  • Initiate, maintain and control communications
  • Identify the incident management strategy, develop an action plan, and assign resources
  • Call for supplemental resources, including emergency operations center activation
  • Develop an organizational command structure
  • Continually review, evaluate and revise incident action plan
  • Provide for continuing, transferring and terminating command

Mobile Technology Solutions

The Apprio team can assist with identifying and developing mobile technology solutions for assessment and readiness support. Apprio provides system development and integration services to support implementation, configuration and integration of commercial and government software.


US Coast Guard Shield
Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Coast Guard
Apprio Supports the U.S. Coast Guard

The Command Safety Portal (SP) developed by Apprio is an integrated Safety Management System (SMS) that engages all USCG personnel in a safety culture to enhance the USCG core missions. The architecture of the SP is a model that is based on core USCG and CG-11 strategies, tying safety practices to operational effectiveness. The SP is based on leadership, accountability and transparent performance metrics. It requires proactive hazard identification, personnel and unit readiness, risk management, information control, auditing and training. It also includes incident and accident investigation and analysis while supporting a data-driven, unit- and organization-wide continuous improvement cycle.

Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Apprio Supports FEMA’s Office of Readiness and Assessments

Apprio supports the FEMA Readiness Assessment Program (F-RAP) by providing technical editing, analytical support services, development and production of F-RAP reports, and the formatting and editing of Response Doctrine documents. This work includes development of standardized templates, annual revision of documents and ensuring all documents meet GPO and DHS style guidance requirements. We assist with site assessment visits and supporting the information input and analytics to the Joint Lessons Learned Information System.