Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Natural and man-made disasters can happen anywhere and anytime, developing gradually or delivering an unexpected hit. Whether a water-main break, terrorist attack, network intrusion, loss of a facility or pandemic, emergencies require emergency management, readiness, response and recovery to help organizations prepare for the unforeseen, including worst-case scenarios.

Apprio helps local, state and federal governments, hospitals, universities and businesses mitigate risks, protect people and property, and use their resources wisely to continue to operate mission-essential functions in times of emergencies.

Apprio has been a thought leader in the effort to strengthen our national preparedness by building more resilient communities through planning, training and exercise programs. Apprio helps clients develop comprehensive emergency management programs that incorporate:

  • Real-world incident experience across the full range of natural hazards and security risks
  • In-depth understanding of multi-agency coordination at all levels of government, non-profit agencies and the private sector
  • Efficient, disciplined program management to identify and implement life-saving consequence management practices
  • Training and exercises that seamlessly integrate learning with evaluation of capabilities
  • Corrective action plans that provide direction for continuous improvement in emergency management operations

Apprio has developed and supported training and exercises that span a wide range of scenarios, including hurricanes, earthquakes, pandemics and security events. Our experienced personnel have led teams at the front lines of real-world emergencies, and we can help you plan for and respond to a broad spectrum of incidents.

Our experienced staff includes experts in the fields of:

  • Emergency Management
  • Security and Safety
  • Fire Service
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Search and Rescue
  • Public Health
  • Crisis Communications
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Information Technology
  • Government Administration