Why Use HCaTS?

The HCaTS Program is flexible, easy-to-use, and allows agencies to:

  • Do longer-term planning for complex program requirements due to the possible 16 year task order period of performance and program ceiling of $11.5 Billion;
  • Access through self-service (via DPA) or Assisted Acquisition Services
    (via OPM);
  • Design comprehensive customized solutions to complex requirements, rather than contracting separately for each requirement type;
  • Use any contract type or any hybrid mixtures of contract type;
  • Task order work within CONUS and outside CONUS;
  • Meet or exceed small business goals in all categories;
  • Include ancillary services and other direct costs (ODCs) at the
    task order level as needed; and
  • Collect transactional and analytics data for spend analysis
    and market research.