How to Place an Order through CIO-SP3 Small Business

As a government agency, for you to use the CIO-SP3 small business vehicle, once your request for proposals (RFP) is ready, upload it into the secure, web-based electronic-Government Ordering System (e-GOS). e-GOS includes built-in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) guidance for automated task order competition, management, awardee selection and notification. Requests for information (RFI) and questions and answers (Q&As) can be managed through the system.

Once you submit your task order requirements through NITAAC, its contract specialists will perform a comprehensive assessment for scope, clarity and other factors within 1 day to assure qualified responses. You may also contact Apprio’s program manager: Marvin Huber, 202-863-9281, extension 833; for further clarification.