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Performance Coaching

The Performance Coaching course helps participants strengthen their coaching skills by focusing on the attributes of a good coach, studying the various ways that employees learn, and developing good communication and feedback techniques. Course Length: 1 day

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Strategic Human Capital Management

The Strategic Human Capital Management course equips participants with an understanding of the techniques and key components of strategic human capital management planning. Course Length: 2 days

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Strategic Planning under the GPRA

The Strategic Planning under the GPRA course improves participants’ strategies for employing the fundamental principles of the strategic planning process and tools for designing a strategic plan for your division or work group. Course Length: 2 days

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Strategies for Developing Your Employees

The Strategies for Developing Your Employees course strengthens participants’ strategies for identifying employee development needs, techniques for addressing different learning styles and adult learning characteristics, and methods for coaching and delegating for employee development. Course Length: 1 day

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