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Labor Relations for Practitioners

This course helps participants understand the key functions, players and definitions related to the Labor Management Relations (LMR) practitioner field. Course Length: 3 days

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Labor Relations for Supervisors

This course provides participants with an outline of the Federal Labor Relations Program structure and operation and an introduction to the basic rights and responsibilities of employees, the union and management under the Labor-Management Relations Law. Course Length: 2 days

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Mediation Overview

This course teaches participants the basic principles involved in mediation, the difference between mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and techniques for establishing a program. Course Length: 1 day

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Negotiating Labor Agreements

This course helps participants learn the key features and steps of negotiating labor agreements in the federal sector including the context for collective bargaining in the federal sector, approaches for preparing for bargaining, procedures for bargaining, strategies for post negotiation and statutes regarding collective bargaining in the federal sector. Course Length: 1 day

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Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

This course equips participants with strategies and techniques for resolving conflict using five approaches to conflict resolution, relationship approaches, on-target communication, counters for manipulative behaviors and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Course Length: 1 day

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