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Honing Your Analytical Skills

The Honing Your Analytical Skills course is designed to help participants determine who should make a decision, generate decisions using an analytical approach to decision making and assess risks associated with decisions. Course Length: 4 hours  

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Managing Risk

The Managing Risk course introduces participants to the identification, analysis, planning, tracking, control and communication steps of the risk management process. Course Length: 1 day  

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Mastering Your Circle of Influence

The Mastering Your Circle of Influence course improves participants’ personal and organizational effectiveness by developing their abilities to persuade others, tempering their assertiveness with diplomacy, overcoming resistance in others and winning concessions without damaging relationships. Course Length: 1 day

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Resume Writing

The Resume Writing course equips participants with strategies for selecting a resume type, formatting and organizing a resume, and using a systematic set of steps for creating a resume and techniques for completing automated applications. Course Length: 1 day

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