Software Engineering

Health IT is a game changer in healthcare. It offers a marked improvement in security and accuracy over paper records and manual processes, and it has the potential to improve efficiency and greatly reduce healthcare mistakes.

It’s paramount for health IT system developers to work in close partnership with healthcare organizations to improve patient safety.

Apprio health IT developers support efforts to help healthcare providers become safer and more reliable. Apprio specializes in assisting public sector organizations reach their full potential through technology-driven solutions. We can assist your organization in navigating the rapidly changing healthcare IT landscape.

Application Development

Apprio’s team of experts has superb technical, industry and organizational knowledge to develop customized solutions targeted to your specific needs within healthcare.

We can help with all phases of application development, including:

  • Helping determine your specific organizational needs
  • Surveying the market to existing applications that can fill your requirements
  • Building applications tailored to your needs or customizing an existing application
  • Providing your staff with education and training about how to use new applications

Mobile Development

A ubiquitous, connected platform: That’s what innovation is bringing to the healthcare industry via mobile technology development. This development runs the gamut – from applications that become a medical device, either by attaching sensors or other activators to a mobile platform, to smart phones and tablets that enable constant, anywhere, anytime connectivity.

Apprio’s development team specializes in mobile application development, providing healthcare organizations with the ability to leverage mobile devices in the effective delivery of care and in managing business operations.

Whether helping hospitals to better leverage mobile technologies to access patient records, creating mobile training to educate staff or allowing emergency personnel to access medical records securely in field environments, Apprio possesses the know how to develop effective, secure mobile solutions.