Health Enterprise Architecture

The term “enterprise architecture” is often misunderstood. It’s viewed as a monolithic, difficult technical exercise which results in a document that sits undisturbed until the topic is brought up again. Most organizations have not experienced the positive benefits that can be achieved by building an effective enterprise architecture and executing it as a strategic plan.

When used properly, enterprise architecture is a strategic plan tool that can help to bridge business and technology to create a model for IT investments over time. Benefits typically include:

  • A better understanding of the business needs that drive technical requirements
  • A reduction in the number of duplicated systems used organization-wide
  • Better understood IT acquisition strategies
  • The ability to reap the cost and administrative benefits of shared services

Apprio can help your organization to model and plan out your enterprise architecture, including:

  • Business Planning: including goals, visions, strategies and governance principles
  • Business Operations: including clinical and business terms, organization structures, processes and data
  • Automation: including application systems and databases
  • Enabling Technological Infrastructure: including computers, networks and operating systems